Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Releasing 4AJ.2.2

It has been some time since I last post something, well it was quite hard due to vacations and some changes in personal life, but here I am back with some good new for those who want to try Jelly Bean on Pandaboard.

There were some significant changes, most of all at file system that I had to dig and guess how to fix some compilation issues but I got it working.

Also from now to avoid having to create a series of patches I have created some repositories that involves more changes in my personal github site ( that you are welcome to visit any time.

I would prefer to wait to get a probably more stable version of JB running in Blaze and Blaze tablet before make the porting to Pandaboard, but I saw lot of people asking for it and there was/is a site to get 4AJ.2.1 working, but it is not even compiling, so I decide to give a try.., probably I made this just to the point to get it working, but hey.. at least is something.., and although I would prefer to get a more specific patches/fixes for the issues and get all features working the next release is working so I would prefer to do it in that. So we can take this as a Alpha for those who want to try JB, and maybe help me to solve the issues ;)

Now, talking about issues I have seen mainly 2 or 3..
Big Icons and no action bar (bar with return, home, options, etc buttons)
Bluetooth is not enabled
No SD Card error when opening Gallery app

Let me know if someone else is missing..

Well that's all I have to say about first JB I got working on Pandaboard, hope can be useful for someone, and you can find the link at omappedia release notes webpage under Panda section.

Read you soon