Wednesday, October 24, 2012

4AI.1.7 Coming

After 4AI.1.4 Panda Notes was considered a success porting and stable version for Pandaboard (event when there are some issues in Pandaboard with OMAP4430) I finally decide to go ahead with a new version of ICS (Like a LTR) before move to JB.

After some research and debugging trying to get Panda with 4430 completely stable and get audio in headphone jack I have realized some more improvements I can add to the initial 4AI.1.4, but also I would like to get advantage of what TI and other people has being doing, so I decided to try move to the latest release (4AI.1.7 till today).

So you may get some news of the progress in the coming days, stay tunned!


1 comment:

  1. I have problem. HELP!!HELP!!HELP!!
    How can I use HDMI port on monitor to display 1920*1080p@30~60 by using 4AI.1.7(Panda ES)???

    because I use 4AI.1.7 on Panda HDMI, it always shows 640*480 resolutions