Wednesday, August 1, 2012

4AI on Panda ES Bluetooth

I have been trying to enable all the features of the wilink chip in the panda board enabled, and I had some achievements, but unfortunately I can't get all of them by this time. So I have decide to update the first one I got working, that is the bluetooth.

The wifi changes I have made till now seems to be correct, but maybe I am missing something because I am not able to calibrate it. I have been getting help from some guys had more luck with this, but I think I will need to look dipper because all I have made till now is to follow instructions from several places about how get wilink working without success. I feel I almost got it!!!

Going back to bluetooth, I just update the wiki and upload the kernelpanda5.patch and devicepanda4.patch that makes work the bluetooth.

Engineering for life!


  1. You are the MAN!!!!! We will looking forward on your wifi patch then!

    Will you work on the latest Source Code, 4AI.1.6 or 1.7?

    I am very interesting to see my PandaBoard work on this version.

    1. Thanks Woo, yes, I plan to move probably to 4AI1.6, I just want to finish the wifi feature.

      Also JB should be close to the release, so if it goes ready before I move to 4AI1.6 I will move there.