Thursday, May 24, 2012

The road so far with ICS on Panda

I had some issues compiling the Android File System (AFS) that I have fix with a patch and also I have made some other changes in order to have ducati and GFX working in Panda, but then at boot time I had an issue that seems to be related with USB OTG, I am trying to figure out what is going on but it is not that easy to debug/understand with my skills, that is good and bad at same time but I am continue looking at this.
I am not sure if a change I made in kernel or a change in an init.rc file is what makes me avoid that issue, but at least I am seeing the android boot image. What?, you don't believe me?, see:

Unfortunately it is not going forward, it is hang there showing some Power Management stop. That only could mean something I was afraid.., it is not supporting 100% Panda ES board, I need to take a look at the board file. This is gonna be so much fun, more HW close stuff, yeih!

One thing I noticed quickly was the missing otg port in board file =/ lets see if I can get it working.

Engineering to live!

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