Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Installing Google apps in 4AI.1.4

In a response to those who have been asking where to get the apk for Google Play Store and some other google apps, here are the links and a demo how to get them working. All you need to so is install it using adb or from the filesystem.

Gtalk and Services:
Download and install GoogleServicesFramework, GoogleLoginService and Talk apks

Google Play Store:
Download and install version 3.10.10 apk

Download and install version 3.3.0 apk

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Releasing 4AJ.2.2

It has been some time since I last post something, well it was quite hard due to vacations and some changes in personal life, but here I am back with some good new for those who want to try Jelly Bean on Pandaboard.

There were some significant changes, most of all at file system that I had to dig and guess how to fix some compilation issues but I got it working.

Also from now to avoid having to create a series of patches I have created some repositories that involves more changes in my personal github site ( that you are welcome to visit any time.

I would prefer to wait to get a probably more stable version of JB running in Blaze and Blaze tablet before make the porting to Pandaboard, but I saw lot of people asking for it and there was/is a site to get 4AJ.2.1 working, but it is not even compiling, so I decide to give a try.., probably I made this just to the point to get it working, but hey.. at least is something.., and although I would prefer to get a more specific patches/fixes for the issues and get all features working the next release is working so I would prefer to do it in that. So we can take this as a Alpha for those who want to try JB, and maybe help me to solve the issues ;)

Now, talking about issues I have seen mainly 2 or 3..
Big Icons and no action bar (bar with return, home, options, etc buttons)
Bluetooth is not enabled
No SD Card error when opening Gallery app

Let me know if someone else is missing..

Well that's all I have to say about first JB I got working on Pandaboard, hope can be useful for someone, and you can find the link at omappedia release notes webpage under Panda section.

Read you soon


Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Releasing 4AI.1.7

I just finish the testing of 4AI.1.7 on Pandaboard ES and seems to be working well, but it takes me some time in think I don't know too much like ducati, graphics and display. There were some changes that take me some time to realise to understand what was going on like changes in memory for ducati, new call to define displays, new definitions at user space, etc.

One think I am concern is ducati, or what seems to be an issue in ducati in this release, because at least in Panda using some high resolution clips I see OMXCodec sends a lot of logs, but nothing is show in the display, also if try to go back it doesn't respond and ActivityManager hast to kill the application. This doesn't happen with clips with less resolution. This is the only thing I didn't like from this release, but seems to be working perfectly fine in Blaze and Blaze tablet, so I guess I missed something here.

Anyway, I don't want to expend much time in this release since seems to be stable and because I am planning to move to JB. Also I am more interested in get Pandaboard with 4430 and 4460 fully supported in one single release, also I want to have some progress in the latest sourcecode to send the patched to be merge and don't have to create or rebase new patches each release because the number of patches is increasing considerably.

This is the link to the 4AI.1.7 release for Pandaboard  4AI.1.7_OMAP4_Icecream_Sandwich_Panda_Notes, I have tested in Pandaboard ES, but my guess is that for Panda Ax versions the behaviour is going to be the same that it reboot randomly. Prebuild binaries are now there.

Now lets move to JB!


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

4AI.1.7 Coming

After 4AI.1.4 Panda Notes was considered a success porting and stable version for Pandaboard (event when there are some issues in Pandaboard with OMAP4430) I finally decide to go ahead with a new version of ICS (Like a LTR) before move to JB.

After some research and debugging trying to get Panda with 4430 completely stable and get audio in headphone jack I have realized some more improvements I can add to the initial 4AI.1.4, but also I would like to get advantage of what TI and other people has being doing, so I decided to try move to the latest release (4AI.1.7 till today).

So you may get some news of the progress in the coming days, stay tunned!


Friday, August 10, 2012

4AI on Panda ES with Wifi and Bluetooth Video

I just upload the below video to youtube to show you the progress I got so far.

There I am showing something I saw today morning when showing something to a friend, and that is that hdmi can work at 1080p. Indeed I had it working but I just realize it, hdmi is at 720p when it is in android UI, but it switch to 1080p for video playback, that is awesome!.

Also I show that bluetooth and wifi are working, indeed I am able to look for applications at Google Play Store, but I found some issues in there.

I hope you enjoy the video and don't forget to give a like. Thanks!


Friday, August 3, 2012

4AI on Panda ES Wifi

Finally I got the Wifi working, it took me sometime to understand the driver but is done. I just update the wiki with patches in kernel, wl12xx driver and mydroid (kernelpanda6.patch, hardwarepanda.patch and devicepanda6.patch). Indeed this post was made in the Pandaboard sending the image from my phone using bluetooth and posting using the browser.


4AI on Panda ES Speeding up Boot

In order to speed up a little bit the booting there is a change in init.rc file that boost the omap. All that is in a patch I upload to the wiki as devicepanda5.patch

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

4AI on Panda ES Bluetooth

I have been trying to enable all the features of the wilink chip in the panda board enabled, and I had some achievements, but unfortunately I can't get all of them by this time. So I have decide to update the first one I got working, that is the bluetooth.

The wifi changes I have made till now seems to be correct, but maybe I am missing something because I am not able to calibrate it. I have been getting help from some guys had more luck with this, but I think I will need to look dipper because all I have made till now is to follow instructions from several places about how get wilink working without success. I feel I almost got it!!!

Going back to bluetooth, I just update the wiki and upload the kernelpanda5.patch and devicepanda4.patch that makes work the bluetooth.

Engineering for life!

Friday, June 15, 2012

4AI on Panda ES Video

Here a little sample of the power of ICS on Panda ES after the porting and following the steps from the wikipedia page.

Still missing wifi, bluetooth and verify audio in the connectors.


Finally!, ICS on Panda ES working

Finally after expend some weeks building and debugging the kernel and AFS I have got the Android UI. As you may guess, my changes were a mess, so I had to expend some time splitting the changes to make more sense, and taking out the unnecessary stuff.

To avoid double typing I choose to only make an step by step wiki page at omappedia instead of explain it here and have the risk to must have to edit the post to fix possible changes in patches and steps.

So, here you have the instructions 4AI.1.4 on Panda